Friday, May 27, 2011

Back to basics trend comes alive in latest paint colours

Colour Trends for 2011

(NC)—According to colour experts, the year ahead in home décor will see a movement towards choosing more heart–warming and nurturing colours to celebrate the simplicity and beauty of everyday life.

“From timeless denim blues and earthy clay and wood tones, to leafy greens, strawberry reds, sunny yellows and airy pastels, the 2011–2012 paint palette is dominated by warm, homey and comforting colours — a reflection of the public mood,” says Dominique Pépin, Marketing Manager for Sico Paints and a Chairholder of the international colour forecaster Color Marketing Group.

She added that in a society of endless choices where we 'have it all,' people are increasingly longing to return back to basics, to a simpler life, and this is being reflected in the colours they are choosing for their home décors. “As a result, in the coming year, we'll see a move away from the once–popular opulent dark tones towards colours that are charming, human and have more nature and nurturing qualities than in the past.”

According to Sico's international team of colour experts, the 2011–2012 palette will be divided into three colour grouping themes defined as Inviting, Authentic and Dazzling, with each reflecting this prevailing mood and attitude in society.

“The Inviting theme celebrates the beauty, contentment and simplicity of everyday life,” explained Pépin. This palette features colours, such as Sico's Slightly Sour (6097–42) sunny yellow, Amazing White (6214–21) and Lunar Month (6009–21) blue, that are perfect reflections of our increasing desire to return to a more relaxed, meaningful and informal lifestyle.

Consumers looking to emanate the timeless beauty of the natural world in their home decor will be drawn to the new “Authentic” theme colour grouping, Pépin predicted. “Demonstrating a growing appreciation among the public for the earth, its materials and creativity, this grouping features timber, clay, earth and denim tones enlivened by a dash of inspiring yellow, as reflected in our Seashore Pebble (6230–31) sand.”

Other popular Sico colours in this group include Avocado Soufflé (6104–21) cream, Galley (6171–41) blue, Cloak (6232–83) brown and Apple Cider Vinegar (6097–32) yellow. Used on their own or perfectly paired together, these soothing shades deliver a desired relaxed, harmonious and peaceful feel in the home.

The “Dazzling” theme features fun and imaginative colours delivered in an energetic expression of simplicity. “Charming, fun and slightly childlike, this palette is refreshingly simple, yet brings back a sense of poetry and pleasure into our lives and a smile to our faces with fun colours such as Pastis (6121–42) lime green, Red Candy (6051–52) hot pink, Lemon Tart (6098–42) brilliant yellow and Splashdown (6150–42) turquoise.” Pépin added. More information on the latest colour trends is available at

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