Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Home décor Q&A: Zoning in on colour

Q: What is colour zoning?

A: Colour zoning (also known as colour blocking) is the intentional painting of shapes of colour within a room and it's a very hot trend in today's home décors. It opens up a whole new way of using and defining colour in a space. It's a great technique to add “punch” to a room without being overwhelming. Colour zoning can add definition, highlight interesting architectural elements, create a focal point, or function as artwork.

It's all about using colours creatively to add interest to spaces and bring rooms to life. People today invest more time in decorating their surroundings and are demonstrating this by using colour in unique ways to deliver personal style to their living spaces. Colour zoning is changing the way people think about paint and colour and the only limit is your imagination.

This technique usually requires a very small quantity of paint so it can be a very inexpensive way to accessorize your décor with fun shapes and colours. More information on colour zoning is available at www.sico.ca.


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