Improve Your Outdoor Décor

Chances are, your deck or patio décor includes a variety of surfaces such as wood, wicker, metal and plastic, all of which may become weathered from summer sun and winter storage. Armed with a few cans of spray paint, you can give your backyard oasis a great new look, quickly and affordably.

When decorating outdoors:

– Use color to unify your space. Selecting a palette of a few colors allows you to unify disparate furniture pieces into a pleasing whole. White is an ever-popular classic that can be paired with almost any accent color to achieve striking good looks.

– Especially in areas filled with bright sunlight, don’t be afraid of bold or saturated colors. Use bright, bold colors to infuse a space with energy and whimsy, or consider textured or metallic hues for more subtle sophistication.

– For the brightest, boldest colors, prime the surface or apply a white basecoat. Next, apply the color coat over the white surface.

– Group furniture together to create intimate conversation areas. Use interesting containers to hold plants. Consider lighting for both evening safety and ambiance.

– Always follow the directions on your can of spray paint. Application instructions and dry times, as well as how long you should shake the can and how far away you should hold it from the surface, vary from paint to paint.

There are a number of products available to help with your patio makeover. Krylon’s Fusion for Plastic is a one-step, super-bonding spray paint. It can be used on wood, metal, wicker, hard vinyl and a wide range of plastic surfaces. Available in many colors, it now comes with the new EZ Touch 360-degree Dial Spray Tip for more comfortable spray painting with increased coverage per pass, reduced overspray, less chance of runs or drips and greater accuracy.

Rusted metal? No reason to worry. Instead of making a mess scrubbing away rust with a wire brush, you can paint right over it with Krylon Outdoor Spaces Rust Converter. It chemically transforms rust into a waterproof, paintable surface that is protected from future rust formation.

When completely dry, simply coat Outdoor Spaces Rust Converter with any Outdoor Spaces Satin, Metallic, Textured or Hammered Finish to keep outdoor décor looking its very best. These finishes withstand harsh weather, offering superior protection on metal, wood, wicker, drywall, masonry and even pottery.

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