Make a Dramatic Statement with Shimmering Paints

(MS) - Want to make a dramatic decorating statement? Investing in new furniture, window treatments or accessories is one option. But to make the transformation complete, consider giving your walls a facelift with decorative paint.

Decorative finishes are among the hottest trends in painting today. Depending on the look you're hoping to achieve, they can add a touch of drama, elegance or charm to any room. And, you don't have to hire a professional painter to recreate the styles you've seen in decorating magazines and on television. Consider these tips from the decorative painting experts at Modern Masters:

· Select a small area to paint. Accent walls, entry ways, living rooms, hallways - chose one area to focus on and start small. Even a small project can make a huge impact in the look of your home. If you like the look, you can always add more later.

· Choose a decorative paint technique. Determine the look you are going for. Is it contemporary or country? Traditional or retro? These questions will help you determine which decorative painting technique to use. Whether it be stenciling, sponging, rag rolling, or adding texture effects, there are an endless array of decorative paint techniques that can enhance any décor.

· For a dramatic effect, consider adding shimmer. For a dramatic statement use a product like Modern Masters® ShimmerStone®. This versatile water-base coating creates decorative finishes like layered stone, dimensional lace, linen, raw silk and raised ornament with beautiful shimmering effects and luminous undertones -without burnishing or sanding.

ShimmerStone is a shimmering single tint base that can be used on its own, or tinted to a variety of colors using ShimmerStone Color Concentrates. Available in 15 designer colors like Chocolate Raspberry, Blue Velvet or Canyon Clay, the 2-ounce Color Concentrates can be used to create more than 90 shimmering, luminous hues - from ultra deep colors to pale pastels - depending on the amount of concentrate added to the tint base. Just select a color from the ShimmerStone color deck or brochure and tint according to mixing instructions using standard kitchen measuring spoons and a stir stick.

Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms - anywhere a shimmering finish is desired - ShimmerStone is durable, yet, easy to repair. It's water resistant and resists the growth of mold and mildew so it's also appropriate for bathrooms and other high humidity areas. Plus, it cleans up easily with soapy water.

To learn more about decorative painting techniques, step-by-step project instructions, or where to buy Modern Masters products in your area, visit, or 1-800-942-3166.

CAPTION: Give your walls a facelift with decorative painting techniques.

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