Hot New Colours for Home Exteriors

(NC)—With the warmth of spring comes a blast of much needed colour as plants and people come back to life after a long winter. Winter can be harsh, not just on us but on our houses. Now is the time to give your house a little TLC and take years off the face of your home.

Every season has a fresh new palette of hot colours. The same is true for home exteriors. “Rich grays, fresh blues and corals have been steadily growing in popularity inside the home,” says Sharon Grech, the colour and style expert for Benjamin Moore. “These colours translate to your exterior in shades that are understated and organic to work with the natural elements. Paints and wood stains are always a smart investment because they not only enhance the beauty of your exterior surfaces, but also protect them from nature's effects.”

Grech suggests limiting your exterior palette to three or four colours, including those of fixed elements like roof and cladding. Beautiful body and trim colours, such as Jute, Pashmina and Kendall Charcoal coordinate well with exterior stone and wood, and you can always accent with vibrant hues to showcase your personal flair.

“Since it is a relatively small area in contrast to the house, your front door is the one spot where you have the most versatility when it comes to colour,” says Grech. “Colour is powerful in the message it sends. For example a red door is daring, while a black door says formal and stately, like the one at 10 Downing Street in London, the famous residence of the British Prime Minister.”

Aside from choosing your paint and accent colours, she says, some of the most important factors to a successful exterior paint job include the quality of the products, proper surface preparation and a good application technique. The Benjamin Moore colours (featured in the photo) include Stonington Gray as the siding, Blue Nose on the shutters, Dune White as the trim and Concord Ivory on the door.
Online resources, such as, offer tips, tool recommendations and colour matching to help you achieve the look you're after.

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